2013 and onwards

If you’d told me at the start of 2013 that by the end of the year I’d have medaled 4 times at major regattas Id have been pretty chuffed.


But I’m not!


3 of those medals were a disappointment and the other one was just a relief. I’m driven by high standards and I always try to improve. Getting sick at the worlds was a low point of the year, not because I plummeted down the results, but because failing to finish and retiring aren’t really in my vocabulary. Getting sick wasn’t bad luck-if I believed in luck I’d be out there searching for a four leafed clover, it was the consequence of pushing too hard for too long. The more racing I do the more often it is that the people who are best prepared that come out on top. With that in mind I’m working on getting the basics right in 2014.


Hopefully 2013 will be the worst year of my campaign for gold in Rio.


I’m sure 2014 will throw up plenty of challenges and I’m looking forward to taking them on.



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